Give Me A Record Deal

Tours & Events

By responding via this page you understand that you are applying to join our agency service. Whilst this is a non-exclusive service, you will be required to keep us informed of all the dates and venues you are booking yourself, so that we can avoid double-bookings and misunderstandings with the promoters we also work with.

IMPORTANT Notice: Due to the CORVID-19 outbreak, this service is currently suspended. You are welcome to apply, but we are not booking any shows for the forseeable future.

So that we can assess your suitability for this service, please follow the instructions below.

Please gather the items below...

  1. A 10-15 minute video showreel with clips of live performances of at least 5 songs from your set.
  2. Links to your website and/or social media pages.
  3. At least 3 recent high quality photos of you in your stage attire.
  4. Links to any published articles, blogs, or reviews of your gigs; or some recent comments or testimonials from your clients or fans.
  5. Your band line-up and Stage plan.
  6. Your P.A. & Lighting Requirements.
  7. Your maximum length of performance and an example of your set list.

Please zip any loose files (such as photos and documents) and attach them to your email. Put all web links and any other information into the body of the email. Don't forget to include your name and contact telephone number.

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