Give Me A Record Deal

Gold Package

By responding via this page you understand that you are submitting your music business in an attempt to secure a complete service. We will handle everything that the other 3 deals offer, plus branding, online marketing, and artist development.  This is a 5 year exclusive 360 degree profit share deal with annual options after the initial 5 years. Although exclusive, this deal doesn't stop you from exploring other alternatives as we help you to establish a more secure footing in the industry. If a better offer comes along, our management team will discuss the pros and cons with you and negotiate a transfer should it be decided that it is the best way forward for your music career.

So that we can assess your suitability for this deal, please follow the instructions below.

Please gather the items below

Your EPK, OR...
  1. Direct Links to your best 3 original songs.
  2. Links to your website and social media pages.
  3. At least 3 recent high quality photos depicting your stage image.
  4. Direct Links to your best live and studio videos.
  5. Links to any published articles, blogs, or reviews of your gigs, or previous releases. If you have none of these, we will take into account the comments and engagement from your fans on your social media pages.

Please zip any loose files (such as photos and documents) and attach them to your email. Put all web links and any other information into the body of the email. Don't forget to include your name and contact telephone number.

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