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Hi, I'm Lynn. I'm a record producer with my own label and I've been in the music business for over 40 years. During this time, I've had the pleasure to work with thousands of up & coming stars.

During those years on the road, I witnessed the problems that many talented artists had in finding the right management, agent or record company. I've seen hundreds of musicians who really deserved a chance to make a living from their talents, but due to their music not being quite what the record companies were looking for at the time, they ended up trading their instrument in for a day job in a factory or office. No doubt they are there to this day, wondering if things would have been different had they invested a little more time and money in their music career, or accepted the offer they had from a small indie label.

Even worse, I've also seen some of the pitfalls that some really talented artists got into by signing long term contracts with a major label, only to find themselves trapped and going nowhere.

This prompted me to think of all the thousands of talented music artists out there today. Artists and songwriters of all ages and backgrounds, most of whom have a unique sound that should be heard by more people.

Unfortunately for most of them, the end result will still be that day job. Not because they lack talent, but because the recording industry is now even more choosy about their artists than ever. The music markets that the large record companies used to rely on to fund the promotion of an unknown artist, are being squeezed by the competition from digital downloads, music piracy, and other forms of entertainment.

Many artists are now making headway on their own through the power of the Internet. But it isn't easy. Your many hours of practice may have honed your skills as a guitarist, but you know little about recording, marketing, publishing and releasing a record for sale. Learning all this takes many years, and you don't have that time to spare, even if you were interested in all that stuff.

This is where my record label, Wobbly Music, can help. If you're serious about your music career and have the utmost faith in your talents, we can help you to make a career out of your music in today's very difficult business climate.

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